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September Meeting


The September Meeting


Claude Graves, American Rose Society Master Rosarian, from Collin County provided a wonderful presentation “The Gardens of Ninfa” using photos from their trip to Italy. Not sure if you get the meeting notes from Linda Spiller, if not here is her description;


The September meeting of the Red River Rose Society was held at the Denison Public Library's meeting room @ 6:30 p.m. with dinner at the Southern Grill and Kitchen in Denison before the meeting. President Sue Abernathy called the meeting to order with the introduction of Claude Graves who is an American Rose Society Master Rosarian as well as President of the Collin County Rose Society.  Claude shared wonderful memories of his vacation to Ninfa, Italy through his presentation "The Gardens of Ninfa".  The garden has also been described as "The Most Romantic Garden in the World".


Ninfa had  been a substantial town during the 12th century. It came under the ownership of the aristocratic Caetani family who later squabbled and fought over it resulting in it being abandoned in ruins which have been for centuries exposed to the elements.  In the 1920s Ada Wilbraham, Roffredo Caetani's English mother, began planting trees at the site and his American wife, Marguerite Chapin, introduced many varieties of flowers.


The Garden of NInfa is located a short distance from the Tyrrhenian Sea and at the base of the Lepini Mountains.  Springs flowing down from the mountains have created lively streams which meander through the garden. This location creates a unique microclimate perfect for plants to flourish in this natural greenhouse.  The dampness of the location leads to an unusual mixture of species of plants. Among the beautiful vegetation you will find a large variety of carefully placed Roses, Callas, Japanese White Wisteria, a large cluster of neatly trimmed Bamboo and colorful Maple trees.  The rambling roses pictured in his photos were some of the largest known. The climbers displayed their beauty dramatically holding fast to the stone fences and remaining walls of the ruins.




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