Red River Rose Society

February Meeting


Members of RRRS met at the Olive Garden Restaurant in Sherman for dinner prior to the RRRS meeting at the United Way building on E. Brockett Street in Sherman.  Pam Smith from Farmer's Branch Rose Garden provided excellent information through her demonstration on pruning roses to the seventeen members who attended.


Pam began her presentation with information on the importance of proper tools such as long gloves  and hedge shears used to cut away up to half of the upper part of the rose in short time and bypass pruners to complete the pruning, which should be cleaned between each plant as well as after pruning has been completed.  Although pruning procedures could vary in different rose varieties, most are similar.  Basically, cut away the upper half of the rose.  Check for rose rosette disease and if found, dig up and destroy the entire rose.  Cut away all hips and spent blooms, broken or damaged limbs and prune to outward facing bud.  Cut out middle to open up center which can include some of the larger canes and remove all of last year's leaves.  Canes can be sealed with regular Elmer's Glue (not school glue) to prevent cane borer damage.  A hand out detailing the procedure was provided by The American Rose Society, written by Robert B. Martin, Consulting Rosarian.


Following the demonstration, cake, nuts and punch was served to members in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Red River Rose Society.  Charter members who received 10 year pins were: Sue Abernathy, Lacy Price, Phyllis Lawrence, Barb Grisham, Terry Irvin, Randy Irvin, Sue Zanne Petersen and Harriet Steward.


Door prizes of roses were presented to members: Karen Page - Hot Cocoa, Beverly Henderson - Peachy Keene, Phyllis Lawrence - Ice Cap, Ann Supina - Naga Belle, Barb Grisham - Milwaukee's Calatrava and Becky Hogenson - Cinderella Fairy.  Terry Irvin received the ARS American Rose Magazine for January/February.


It was brought to the attention of the society that a new rose has been introduced to the public that may be resistant to rose rosette.  Top Gun is a red shrub rose similar to Knockout.  It is available at Spring Hill Nursery, P.O. Box 33, Harrison, OH 45030-9935, customer service: 513-354-1510, order phone: 513-354-1509 or customer service e-mail:


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