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Find the Red River Rose Society on Facebook. We keep up with all the latest roses and meeting around the American Rose Society and the South Central District. (Read more)


Boosting Social Media Response


There are many ways to boost society participation though social media and get more visitors on the web site. Perhaps they will join us. (read more)

Easy Rose Propagation

Here's the easy part


There are many resources to learn how to propagate a rose. There are stories about grandmothers that took a cutting, stuck it in the ground & covered it with a mason jar to give birth to a new rose plant. They obviously had well-prepared garden beds with lots of organic matter for that to work. (more ...)

Story of Black Bart


He came out of the woods one April night to gaze over the fence at my neighbor's mares inside the fenced pasture. He was big, black and beautiful. In the dusk light I could not tell if he was a donkey or a mule. (more ...)

Caring for Roses

Care in Dry Conditions


The best way to help your plants this summer is to keep their roots healthy.  If they get too wet or too dry they will be stressed.  Use a moisture meter or your finger to check on the amount of moisture around the roots.  It is important to keep about the same amount of moisture. (more ...)

What is mulch?


Everyone knows that in order to have gorgeous, healthy gardens, there are a few rules to follow.  Many, many books explain preparing and improving your beds, designing and choosing your roses, fertilizing, pruning, or spraying (or not spraying) your roses.  But one of the main Golden Rules is often over-looked – mulching. Some would argue that you can prepare the perfect soil.  Choose the perfect roses. Set up the perfect watering system, but without correctly applied mulch, your roses will not be perfect. (more ...)

Organic Gardening


My mother embraced organic gardening in the 60’s and I learned much of what I know about organic gardening from her. I subscribed to my own copy of “Organic Gardening” magazine when I had a home of my own and began my own garden. Vegetables, herbs, shrubs, trees and flowers filled my gardens, but there were no roses. (more ...)

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